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Toybob kittens - Our plans are to get a litter during winter 2017/2018. Colours: Black and Pointed.

Are you interested in owning a tiny and fantastic Toybob?

Interested in owning a Toybob?
There were recorded 6 Toybob kittens TICA in 2011. These 6 kittens are counted as the first. One of these kittens are here with me in Denmark! This one male, along with a hybrid, a mix between a Toybob and an oriental shorthair, generated the first Toybob kittens in Western Europe in 2012/2013.

Watch movie - kittens first 7 weeks

Here: Toybob kittens first 7 weeks


If you want a kitten, you normaly need lots of patience. It is nature we are working with, and it is completely unpredictable. I myself had to wait for 2 years to get my tiny tomcat.
That gave me plenty of time to save up the needed money. This meant that I was ready to jump to when I was asked if I wanted one of these small angles. save up money ;-)

If you are still interested after reading this, please contact me by e-mail or call me - phone: 0045 20844790.

Adult cat for sale

Status: Sold.
We had a super lovely, sweet and gentle indoor female toybob for sale. She's still young and handsome. Neutered and looking for her forever home. She is looking for you who have lots of love to offer her, a prober home - and if you have children they are at least 5 years old. She is not so keen on being single cat so if you have an other sweet and social cat that would be prefered. A dog might also do as a companion while you are not at home.
Price: 800 € plus shipping expenses.I promise you, you do not get a better lab companion!

toybob for sale
toybob kittens for sale
First toy size kiten for sale! One male for sale.

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