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Toybob is a brand new miniature cat breed or rather a breed IN SPE in Western Europe and USA. The cats originate from Ural region in Russia.
There were recorded 6 Toybob kittens TICA in 2011. These 6 kittens are counted as the first Toybob cats. One of these 6 kittens came to Denmark in 2012! This one kitten, along with a hybrid, a mix between a Toybob and an Oriental Shorthair both from a breeder in USA, produced the first Toybob kittens in Western Europe!

Host and/or breeder?

If you want to become a breeder of this unique and charming miniature cats, I’d be glad to hear from you. The greater the number of breeders we are, the easier it gets. (Not that we should be naive and believe that breeding cats is easy!)
I also need hosts. An animal host is a person who will house one or two cats and who will give body and soul for this kitten(s) which will be used in the Toybob breeding program.
I have good experience with hosts in the Burmese breed context. Experience has shown me that it too can be a nice, safer and slightly less expensive way to get started as a new cat breeder.
Contact me by email or phone: +45 20844790

Permitted outcrosses

As stated in the preliminary standard for the miniature cat Toybob that is sent to TICA, the use of domestic cats from the Ural region in Russia cats with the same phenotype, small size, health and temperament of the Toybob breed. Note that all colours and coat lengths are allowed.

Toybob have a very special character that can not be conveyed through images. It must be experienced!

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