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Toybob - small size cats.

Prebook now if you want to have a chance to get a lovely toybob from the next litter. We hope to get it ultimo 2014 or primo 2015.

Toybob, dwarf cats, or small size cats are - yes, small and there is certainly not a lot of them. Toybob cats are entertaining, sweet, affectionate and seeks human contact. They are not very noisy, and acts patient. They act as if they surrender every time they see a human, (throws themselves at your feet) and they want to be with everyone. A small Toybob goes from hand to hand and from lap to lap.
Being small, the experience have learned the Toybob, that it must take care when people walk around. Therefore they can be seen slipping under a protective piece of furniture, if someone is quickly walking through a room. When the person sits down, the Toybob comes quickly across and will charm his way up on your lap.
Toybob is a small, pleasant and relatively quiet cat. They does not cause accidents. They are a little curious though and are of course very playfull. They do not need lots of space, only love, soft hands, lots of cuddle and attention.

The Toybob breed

Read more about where Toybob cats originated from and how we try to attend to breeding them on this page About the breed.

You may also be the happy owner

- Of a Toybob kitten. If you want to own a Toybob cat you will have to contact us long time in advance. There are so few kittens and worldwide just as few breeders of this exclusive small breed, that you must prepare yourself to wait. But I assure you, you will not regret that you waited!

Toybob standard

There is worked out a preliminary standard for this radically new and exclusive cat breed, which is send to TICA, the largest cat registry in the world.

Toybob a joy in life

Toybob small and sweet

Toybob, a breed in progress

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